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Shotokan Karate Do is a traditional style of karate, developed from various martial arts by Gichin Funakoshi. It is one of the more well-known forms of karate and is great for kids and adults alike.

Competitively Priced

Our prices are comparable to the surrounding area, but you get a whole lot more for your money, all without breaking the bank.

Family Values

Our students learn first and foremost about Respect, Honor, Discipline, Character, Etiquette, Teamwork, Drive, and Self-Confidence.

Location & Hours

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  • Ages: 5-12 yrs - 5:30pm - Mon,Tue,Wed,Thr
  • Ages: 12+ yrs - 6:30pm - Tue,Thr
  • Ages: Adult Only - 6:30pm - Mon,Wed
Open Class
  • All Ages - 10am - 12pm - Sat


1475 Upper Valley Pike. Springfield, OH. 45504 (We are located inside the Upper Valley Mall near Sears)

About Our School

Respect, Honor, Discipline

Our School

We are a Christian martial arts school, teaching the basics of the martial arts through the principals of our Christian faith. Our students learn first and foremost about Respect, Honor, Discipline, Character, Etiquette, Teamwork, Drive, and Self-Confidence. These principals give our students the tools they need to learn the martial arts, as well all other aspects of their lives. All the arts we teach are traditional martial arts and our school is run in a traditional manner, focusing on the main aspects of a traditional school, Respect, Discipline and Etiquette. We have some of the most knowledgeable instructors in the area, with some holding multiple masters degrees. We are a professional martial arts school, our instructors have received all of their certification from reputable schools, and we give our students professional instruction at an affordable price. We would like to invite all potential students and their parents to come and observe our classes. Come and see how our instructors teach and how our classes are run.


Martial arts training has so many great benefits covering physical, mental and emotional aspects that it is no wonder why it has become one of the most popular activities for both adults and children. An important benefit of martial arts training for parents to note is that children will generally become more disciplined from the unique formalities of martial arts classes. This is one benefit that is often lacking in other sports. Former “problem” kids with bad attitudes could become well behaved and respectful as a result of taking classes a few times per week. Respect is something that all our instructors place great importance in during their classes.

Our Instructors

Experience, Dedication, Excellence

Master Robert M. Chiles

Robert M. Chiles


Was born, April 10 th 1963 the second son of five children to Thomas and Virginia Chiles. Born and raised in Springfield Ohio. A 1981 Graduate of Northwestern High School, and Clark county Joint vocational school where he studied automotive mechanics. Sensei married his wife Julie (Gram) at the age of twenty on April 16th, 1983. At the age of 30, he joined Wolf Call Karate operated by Sensei Michael Wilbanks. Sensei Chiles received his black belt in Shotokan Karate on June 4th 1996. Sensei Chiles received his Nidan ranking in Shotokan Karate from Sensei Wilbanks in August 21st 1998. More notably Sensei Chiles and his wife were led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through their relationship with Sensei Michael Wilbanks and his wife Debbie. Sensei received his Sandan rank in Karate Do January 24th 2004 after joining USA Pangi Noon Budo/Bugei Kia under the tutelage of Soke Carl Davis, and received a Nidan ranking in Karate Jitsu on the 240th day of 2004, by the International Masters association. Sensei Chiles became the Head of USA Pangi Noon Budo/Bugei Kai Shotokan Karate Division on January 27th, 2004, and has been a member of the Professional Karate Commission since 2005. Sensei Chiles was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame 2008, Sensei Chiles earned his Shodan Ranking in Toide on April 18th 2009. Sensei Chiles owned and operated the Chiles School of Martial Arts in Springfield Ohio for 11 years before joining with Master Plassman to form Hino Ryu Martial Arts. Sensei Chiles is currently studying Kobudo and Aiki Jujitsu through the teaching of Shihan David Plassman.

Current Certifications

  • Shichi-Dan (7th degree black belt) in Karate Do
  • Go-Dan (5th degree black belt) in Shotokan Karate Do
  • Renshi (Master) Certification in Karate Do
  • Ni-Dan (2nd degree black belt) in Toide Jutsu
  • World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2016
  • USA Black Belt Hall of Fame

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